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Remote Backup

Remote Backup

50% of companies that suffered a major data loss closed within 2 years — Disaster Recovery World

How would you recover in the event of fire, flood or human error deleting some if not all of your important data. Are you confident that your backup has worked and can be restored?

15% of all tape backups fail to save all data and files and 50% of all restores do not succeed — Gartner Group

With backup media such as tape, CD and external hard drive proving to be unreliable, more and more businesses are turning to Remote Backup to ensure their data is protected the way it should be.

With Remote Backup your data is first encrypted and then transferred to our Primary Data Centre via a secure SSL connection. A second copy is then sent to our Secondary Data Centre in a different geographical location. In the event of fire, theft, human error or hardware malfunction you can be safe in the knowledge that all of your important data has been safely backed up and can be restored at the click of a button.

Key advantages of Remote Backup

  • Never forget a backup again. Remote backup does not require user intervention.
  • Remote backup maintains data offsite. Perhaps the most important aspect of the Oakford Remote Backup service is that your data is stored in two different geographical locations from the original data.
  • Support for all platforms including Windows, Sun, Solaris, Linux, Unix, MAC and Novell.
  • Includes backup for SIMS/FMS, Exchange, SQL, Oracle, Lotus Notes/Domino, MySQL and Open Files.
  • By default Oakford Datastor will retain removed or changed files for 7 days. This can be increased if required.
  • The remote backup service uses 256 bit encryption and sends data packages via a secure https connection. This means that your data is totally secure. Your data can only be restored with your encryption password. Please store this password safely as the backup cannot be restored without it!

How it works

  1. An initial seed is taken containing all of your data and sent to the off site backup server in our primary data centre, it is then replicated to a second backup server in our secondary data centre.
  2. After the initial seed is taken, the remote backup service runs automatically at a time that suits your business (normally overnight). A block level backup of the day’s changes to your system is taken requiring a smaller backup window but still giving you a full backup of your system overnight.
  3. Data is encrypted at your site before being sent to the data centre via a secure SSL connection.
  4. Data is stored on the remote backup server and then replicated to the secondary data centre via an SSL connection. This gives double the protection and redundancy for your data.
  5. Once completed the remote backup system will send an email to your staff and the Oakford Support department. This ensures both the customer and Oakford know if a backup is successful or unsuccessful.


Who uses Remote Backup?

More and more organisations are now turning to remote backup in a bid to improve backup and restore speeds, provide a level of disaster recovery, increase data security and to ensure that a backup is automatically taken on a regular basis.

How do I restore files?

If you have a lost a few files you can easily restore them by logging into the remote backup portal and selecting the files you would like to restore. The files will then be restored over the internet.

What can I backup?

The Oakford Datastor service has no restrictions on what you can and cannot backup. Our remote backup service offers support for multiple platforms including SIMS/FMS. It is a totally secure service that can only be accessed with your password.

What happens after a ‘disaster’?

If disaster strikes, e.g. fire, flood, theft of your server and data, you can restore your entire system in one of three ways: -

  1. Restore over the internet
  2. Restore your data to hard drives at the data centre and courier to your new site.
  3. Oakford Datastor offers a hot spare server option that means in an emergency we will transfer your data to a new server and deliver to your new site under an agreed SLA time.